2020 Annual Meeting Videos

2020 Annual Meeting Videos

Our annual meeting in Chicago does not end once our members return home. We have filmed all the presentations from the meeting, so you can easily reference any course at any time. Cal-Lab invites you to look through the videos below.

The Transformative Technology of Carbon

Dr. Joseph DeSimone, CEO

Transforming Your Laboratory from the Inside Out

Rudy Ramirez, CDT

Digital Dentures… Integration Challenges and Future Opportunities

Panel Presentation: BJ Kowalski (moderator), Daxton Grubb, Robert Kreyer Jr., CDT, Jay Sober, CDT, Tommy Rogers, CDT

3D Face Scanning in Digital Dentistry. It’s Here. It’s Easy. It’s Powerful.

Eric Zarakov

What’s New in 2020?

Jeff Stronk

A Lab Success Story: Can We Survive this Technology Onslaught?

Conrad J. Rensburg ND, NHD

Cultivating Connections Through Digital Marketing Channels

Terry Fine

Cutting Your Teeth in the Family Lab Business

Megan Nakanishi

Keynote Presentation: The Practical and Sustainable Way to Build a High-Performance Culture

David Friedman