Designing Your Successful Future: A Vendor’s Perspective

Designing Your Successful Future: A Vendor’s Perspective Featuring Anton Woolf

Thursday 3:15 PM -4:00 PM

Speaker: Anton Woolf

Anton Woolfe Anton Woolf

Course Description

Just as the laboratories and dentists are addressing change and implementing strategies for successful operations, dental vendors are facing similar challenges relative to designing their own blueprint for success. Learn how many are turning challenges into opportunities as these vendors explore opportunities to help make dental laboratories and dental practices successful. Please join Anton Woolf as he shares his vision for designing your successful future.

About the Speaker

Anton Woolf, CEO of The Argen Corporation, has strengthened Argen’s core business while diversifying and expanding into new significant strategic businesses. His vision regarding the rapid changes in digital dentistry has led him to build Argen’s world class digital outsourcing center, to support and partner with dental laboratories nationwide. Anton has also increased Argen’s international footprint; expanding and developing Argen’s subsidiaries in Germany, England, Canada and China. Anton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan andcurrently serves on the Cal-Lab and NADL Board of Directors.