Am I paying “dues” OR “attendance fees”?

- Dues are just that…dues. Dues are based on a calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. One (1) complimentary registration for lab employees is a membership benefit.

What if I cannot attend the annual meeting? Do I still need to pay my dues?

- Yes. Dues are fees that are nonrefundable and are paid to be a part of the Cal-Lab Association all year long. Dues are also contractual and continue to accrue until cancelled in writing by the member. Attending the annual meeting is a membership benefit.

What if my membership has lapsed for more than one year?

- A new membership application is required

What if my membership has lapsed for less than one year?

- If you fail to pay your annual dues, membership benefits are terminated on January 1. If you did not cancel your membership in writing, unpaid dues remain on your account for a full year. To reinstate your membership, outstanding balances must be paid.

Now that I’m a member, when will I be billed for dues?

- Dues are invoiced in November and are payable by December 31st.