Will I still owe 2021 dues even without the annual meeting?

- At this time, the Cal-Lab Board is determining a modified pricing for 2021. This will be tiered for maintenance of the membership and also to include educational webinars specifically for Cal-Lab membership through our Primary sponsors. Ivoclar, Argen and Dentsply. TBA

Will Cal-Lab be rescheduled like LMT Days?

- Cal-Lab’s Annual Meeting has historically coincided with LMT Days and Chicago Midwinter. However, while LMT Days and Chicago Midwinter have been rescheduled to May, 2021, Cal-Lab will not be rescheduled for the same time. We are planning on having the next Annual Meeting in 2022.

Is the 2021 Annual Meeting cancelled or is it going digital?

- At this time, we have decided to not go virtual. One of the valuable aspects of Cal-Lab is the in-person meeting, which allows for networking and meetings with industry peers. Instead of hosting an online version that does not provide all the benefits of our in-person meeting, we have chosen to forgo 2021 altogether.

Will the next Cal-Lab Annual Meeting still be held in Chicago during February?

- YES! Cal-Lab will be held over the last Thursday and Friday of February 2022 at the Westin Hotel.

My lab/company has multiple locations. Is a separate membership required for each location?

- Yes. Cal-Lab recognizes the “doorknob policy” which means that each location must have a separate membership.

Am I paying “dues” OR “attendance fees”?

- Dues are just that…dues. Dues are based on a calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. One (1) complimentary registration for lab employees is a membership benefit.

What if I cannot attend the annual meeting? Do I still need to pay my dues?

- Yes. Dues are fees that are nonrefundable and are paid to be a part of the Cal-Lab Association all year long. Dues are also contractual and continue to accrue until cancelled in writing by the member. Attending the annual meeting is a membership benefit.

What if my membership has lapsed for less than one year?

- Membership benefits are terminated on January 1. If you did not cancel your membership in writing, unpaid dues remain on your account for a full year. To reinstate your membership, outstanding balances must be paid.

What if my membership has lapsed for more than one year?

- Dues are payable on a calendar year basis. If membership lapses for over one year, there is a $50 fee to reinstate / reactivate your membership starting.

Now that I’m a member, when will I be billed for dues?

- Dues are invoiced in late November or early December and are payable by December 31st.

I have a friend that would like to join Cal-Lab Association. Is a membership application available?

- Yes. A membership application is available to view and print here.