Open Your Eyes to Diversification

“Open Your Eyes to Diversification”

Thursday, February 23

Jeff Stronk
8:15-8:45 AM

Jeff Stronk Headshot Jeff Stronk

No longer is it viable to be a one trick pony. Doctors are looking for more from a lab…more of a well-rounded partnership. With the evolution of technology and opportunities that exist in the market, it is unwise to bypass these. We’re going to explore the opportunities available for labs and have the labs that have successfully integrated the product diversification to discuss how they went about it.

Jeff is Co-Owner of Treasure Dental Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has almost 30 years specializing in Implant restorations and full mouth rehabilitation. He is currently the Chair of the Foundation of Dental Technology, and is on the faculty for NADL University. Jeff served as President of the National Association of Dental Laboratories in 2011, a board he sat on for 5 years serving our profession.