The Pros, Cons and Technology of SLM Printing RPD’s

The Pros, Cons and Technology of SLM printing RPD’s

Friday 8:15 AM -8:45 AM

Speaker: Tim Bertram

Tim Bertram Tim Bertram

Course Description

In this presentation, we will discuss the technology that goes into Selective Laser Melting (sintering) CoCr partial frameworks and a brief overview of current metal printing technology will be presented. Through comparison of past techniques to SLM printing, we will discuss the pros and cons as we look to the future to gain efficiencies through additive manufacturing.

About the Speaker

Tim Bertram is a third generation RPD Chrome Tech and co-owner of Bertram Dental Lab. He has 15 years RPD design experience, has been CAD designing RPD’s since 2008, and SLM printing RPD’s since 2014. Tim also has additive manufacturing experience in fields of dental, technology, jewelry, and biotech.